Monthly Coloring Page – December 2021

We made it to December and a baker's dozen of coloring pages! Instead of going strictly holiday themed with this one I went with one of my kids' favorite things this time of year, snow globes. My boys love snow globes and so do I. Click HERE to download So this month we've got trees, … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – December 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – November 2021

Tis the season to be thankful! And to be a little late, apparently... November really snuck up on me. Anyone else? Time is flying by this year so what a great reminder to pause and think about what we're grateful for, right? I feel like there is so much more to be grateful for this … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – November 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – October 2021

It's spooky month! I know my boys are excited for Halloween, maybe fall break even more, but it's time to pick out costumes and get ready for the candy rush. It officially market season now for me and I'm so excited. October just kicks of all the holidays and, I don't know about you, but … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – October 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – September 2021

I don't care what the calendar says...September 1st means it's fall! Pumpkin Spice is out (whether you care for it or not), sweaters are out (even though we can't wear them), small shops are making adorable flannels....IT'S FALL Y'ALL! Now does it feel like fall? Gosh no! I live in Georgia and it won't actually … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – September 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – August 2021

Oh hey! What's that? It's me, dropping the ball. LOL Welcome to almost halfway through the month and I'm finally dropping the free coloring page. BUT (and that's a big but), in my defense, this one is for back to school so it works for the kiddos going back now AND in September. So yay! … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – August 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – July 2021

Somehow we have made it half way through this year! Remember how LOOOOOONG 2020 felt?! Well it felt like A LOT of things but thank goodness we're on this side of it all. We're also half way through summer here in Georgia and I can't believe the kiddos go back to school in a month. … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – July 2021

Monthly Coloring Page – May 2021

I had a really hard time coming up with something to draw for the month of May. Part of me wanted to do something summery, but May isn't TECHNICALLY summer even though that's when our kiddos here in Georgia get out of school. Then I thought about Mother's Day but that's right at the beginning … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – May 2021

Special Event // Mother’s Day Virtual Watercolor Class

I am so excited to bring this special event to you! It's different from the first class I hosted for two reasons. One, I'm mailing you a kit and two, you can attend live or use the recorded class. Let's get into the details! Date: Sunday, May 2, 2021 (2-3pm EST) Why not on actual … Continue reading Special Event // Mother’s Day Virtual Watercolor Class

Monthly Coloring Page – April 2021

It ain't no joke! April's coloring page is here! Anyone else not really big on the whole April Fool's Day business? Yeah, it's not my bag but if it's yours, by all means, have fun, be responsible, be respectful. This month I decided to print my page on watercolor paper and it did not disappoint! … Continue reading Monthly Coloring Page – April 2021